Who We Are

Nickee serenades Randy brushes the beat Dave punches the keys Ken takes our bass for a walk Andy plucks the guitar strings
I approached Dave with the idea of starting a lounge band in 2008. And that’s where it all started! I was born in 1984. My day to day career has been a nail technician since I was 19yrs old and has kept my creativity flowing in my daily life. I started developing a love and appreciation for the era we represent around the time I got married in 2007. It has now become a huge part of who I am. Singing in the band makes me feel complete. I feel at home with this style and the members of The Firelight Dimmers!

Randy’s bio coming soon!

I have been playing music on and off since I was young but hardly played piano until my early twenties. My main performance background is in punk, ska, and indie rock bands; however, I did formally study music with a focus on jazz trombone briefly in college. By day I am an environmental scientist and student of clinical laboratory science. By night I am a musician and an avid fan of beer, zombie-kung-fu-war-mind-bender cinema, and nerdy SFF. More than anything, The Firelight Dimmers has been a family and a lifestyle to me. Please feel free to discuss dinosaurs with me at any given show. My favorite is parasaurolophus. Ken was introduced to his love of American Standard Music at the feet of his Grandparent’s old tube Zenith phonograph, in Dixon IL, in the 60s. In Claremont CA, he learned how to strum the guitar and breathe at the same time! Now, the upright bass came along in the 80s and 90s while playing in jam and roots bands in Boulder, CO.  By the late 90’s, Ken moved himself and his bass to Mexico, where he discovered his career as a professional massage therapist.  While honing his skills near azure waters and on white sands, he discover the deeper meanings of life and moved back to Rockford IL !  Here, while playing devotional and contemplative music with the Emmanuel Lutheran Church Choirs, he met Nickee and David in the church’s basement and formed the Firelight Dimmers! On his 50th Birthday, Keith joined the band and the rest is history!  Andy’s bio coming soon!